A Category I (Social) Alternate Investment Fund

Tamil Nadu Shelter Fund (TNSF) invests in affordable housing and/or in-situ livelihood infrastructure, and by doing so emancipates vulnerable people and economically weaker sections. It aims to create social impact by reducing the environmental footprint of beneficiaries, improving living conditions and livelihood. It is a unique platform for various types of investors (sovereign wealth funds, banks and financial institutions, impact investors, philanthropic foundations, family offices etc) to help increase the supply of affordable housing while potentially receiving positive tax benefits and risk-adjusted returns.


TNSF will benefit economically weaker sections and vulnerable segments.


The fund manager will draw a base line and monitor the funds' achievement against that, to report return in terms of People and Planet.


Not only will the projects be built better, it will also be maintained better over a long term in a sustainable fashion.


TNSF will ensure that every project reduces the current environmental footprint of beneficiaries, is financially sustainable and improves governance.

TNSF ESGMS Policy and Framework   Attn

Note: In case of any queries related to ESGMS, please email Nithya at nithya.c@tnifmc.com


Leverage conscience capital for developing sustainable habitats and transforming lives.


TNSF shall invest in public, private and PPP projects in both ownership and rental assets across Tamil Nadu.