Tamil Nadu Infrastructure Fund Management Corporation Ltd. (TNIFMC) is an Asset Management Company. We specialize in hand’s on development of state-centric infrastructure projects, to deliver superior risk adjusted returns in the infrastructure sector.

  • TNIFMC currently manages two Alternative Investment Funds (AIF):
    • Tamil Nadu Infrastructure Fund (TNIF), with a target corpus of Rs.6000 crores (AUM ~USD175 million and co-investment commitment of USD250 million).
    • Tamil Nadu Shelter Fund (TNSF), with a target of Rs.3000 crores (AUM ~USD57 million, expected to be USD100 million by December 2020).
  • We invest in a range of infrastructure projects across sub-sectors:
    • Over 5 years we have worked closely with the Government to develop projects in 5 sectors (Energy, Water, Industrial/Commercial estates, affordable housing and Tourism) and are at an advanced stage of development in 4 more sectors (Transportation, Agricultural, Car Parking & Industrial Parks).
  • We develop and invest in projects promoted by GoTN and its parastatals, ring-fenced in SPVs/ Platform Companies that are actively managed by us.
  • Partners for project execution and operations are selected from the private sector.
    • Our focus: to bring the benefits of private capital and execution to Government-controlled infrastructure sectors by adding alpha through the multi-faceted intervention, thus mitigating execution, payment & liquidity risks
  • We have a very disciplined process, with extensive investigation and documentation, where we use our access to the Government via the Project Origination Team
  • Our Team – “Dual Discipline” – private sector and government high-performers working together to achieve a paradigm shift in funding of infrastructure projects
  • Pay structures - determined by market surveys and are aligned to performance

TNIFMC has a very flat structure with essentially 3 management bands. It is an informal organization that encourages debate and evolving of solutions with collective consultation. The individual we select will be comfortable with an environment where opposing ideals of high-discipline and result orientation co-exists with a lack of hierarchical authority.

TNIFMC is currently recruiting for the following positions in Chennai.

Senior Social Consultant for ESG Evaluation, Diligence and Monitoring

Senior Governance Consultant for ESG Evaluation, Diligence and Monitoring

Lead Urban Planner and Architect Consultant